Recommended Supplies

These are the supplies we recommend for treating head lice with the Nuvo method.

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    • Cetaphil® Gentle Skin Cleanser (8 oz for short hair, 12 oz  for shoulder-length or longer hair).  You will need enough for three applications.

16 oz (2 Pack)


8 oz condiment dispenser

    • If your child has long hair, you should also get a wide-toothed detangler comb.

    • If you need to remove nits to comply with your school’s “no nit policy,”  you will need a Licemeister comb.   In our experience the metal Licemeister comb is far superior to inexpensive, plastic lice combs.  Important: Removing nits is NOT necessary for cure.

  • If you are performing  the diagnostic Lice Identification Test, you will need  a pale colored or white hand towel or a disposable puppy pad:

 Also Consider: Hair Dryer